Raphael Recht is a well-established and talented photographer who has been, both, in front and behind the camera. His long history with the performing arts as an acclaimed child actor, and more recently, musical spoken-word poet is a wealth of experience which he brings to any photo shoot.
He is able to work well within the parameters of client need, yet at the same time, initiate enough creative control over his subjects to, always, bring about the most optimum result. The manner in which he engages with people is very ethical and arguably one of the main reasons why he is, so, successful as a professional photographer.

More specifically, it is Raphael’s ability to positively interact with almost any person which helps to facilitate his development of such beautiful images. He is very skilled at making others feel comfortable and treats all of his clients in a way where they are valued as equally important contributors to the formation of a successful photo.

He, also, enjoys the process of discussing with artists and other creative types how best to bring an idea to life through the use of visual imagery, symbols and non-verbal communication. It would be fair to say that the collaboration aspect of Raphael’s work is what he thrives on.
Having said this, it should be noted that he is an equally efficient, and organised, artist who works well alone. His editing skills are particularly outstanding. Raphael has a good eye for detecting some of the more subtle changes in colour-balance which might, very well, make the difference between an amateur or professional quality of photo.
This includes his highly developed skill of determining whether an image is strong enough in its own composition to leave in grey-scale or to further incorporate other forms of colour adjustment. Some of Raphael’s black and white stills are, alone, a testament to his appreciation for the abstract shapes which exist in most figurative images and how best to capitalise on these as a fine art photographer.
Similarly, many of the coloured photographs which are included on this website demonstrate his exquisite ability of altering hues in a way which makes for a very clean and flattering end-product. Such photos are a good example of how he can create ‘warmth’ and ‘vibe’ in an image without straying too far from the real-life moment in which they were captured.